Review of is targeted exclusively at military, special ops, police professionals and tactical enthusiasts who need durable, reliable notebook covers, field book covers, tactical writing instruments and related products for use during their mission.

The site is part of the CPGear network owned by Wheeler’s Accessories Inc.

All of the gear they offer at the site is field tested, meaning in designing this gear they (Wheeler’s Accessories Inc.) work hand in hand with the people it is intended for and every product is put through real life testing to make sure it meets all needs and requirements set forth by the profession.

All of their gear is designed and manufactured in Canada from domestic materials, and the level of workmanship is exceptionally high – you can see and feel it right away when you hold any of their products in your hands.

They stand behind all of their products and it is no surprise that this high quality gear sells itself. focuses on the following types of gear.

  • Notebook Covers
  • Binder Covers
  • Map Cases
  • Rite in the Rain
  • Checklist & Pad Refills
  • Writing Instruments

Notebook Covers

As their name would suggest, notebook covers are the site’s flagship offering.

tactical notebook covers

They have a variety of notebook covers that are typically divided up by a suggested profession (police, sniper, pilot, field reporter) or the notebook type they hold (tascop battle book, checklist field memo, ipad, field data book, army green book).

Binder Covers also offers an array of binder covers, which lend a sense of security to any binder you need to keep with you in the field.

Tactical Binder Covers

Whether you are keeping track of sensitive information or just need resources available at a moment’s notice, these covers will protect you. They have a binder cover to fit any need, with 3-ring models as well as a design for binder data books.

Map Cases

If you operate in a position that requires you to be mobile while consistently tracking your position, you should be sure to check out the selection of tactical map cases available here.

Tactical Map Cases


Rite in the Rain

Many tactical professions require consistently braving the elements. The wrong weather conditions can threaten to impact your work, so plan ahead with some of this excellent rain gear.

rite in the rain

Rite in the rain paper products are waterproof and are ideal for tactical needs so as for hiking, boating or any other outdoor activity where there’s a need for note taking.

Checklist & Pad Refills

A key element of tactical field work is always being sure to have what you need on hand. In addition to their array of quality products, offers everything you need to ensure you will be fully stocked up.

Checklists & Pad Refills

From inserts to pad refills, planning ahead can prevent you from being stuck out in the field without exactly what you need.

Writing Instruments

The selection of tactical pens is pretty modest and is confined to the basics – Fisher space pen, Trekker space pen,  and refills for them.



With this comprehensive array of notebook related products, there is no doubt that will have a match for most tactical writing needs. Again all products are from CPGear, a Canadian tactical gear brand that makes gear in close collaboration with military, special ops, police personnel who test it on the job and help make it perfect for professional use. This naturally sets this brand apart from many other tactical gear brands in the US and Canada.

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