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They are a medical division of Wheeler Accessories, Ltd., a Canadian family-owned company who has produced occupational nurse’s bags for over 25 years and also produces high quality military and tactical field gear (CPGear).

All their nurses bags and accessories have been designed by real Home Health Care Nurses and put through months of field testing by home health professionals while on the job – so every compartment, pocket or strap in their bag design comes from real life needs and should be ultimately comfortable for most Home Nurses.

All their products are made in Canada using Canadian and U.S. materials.

Products: Nurses Bags offers 2 styles of nursing bag:

  • Modular Nurses Bag – with removable panels for organizing supplies and instruments, made of durable infection and bed bug resistant material that is easy to clean.
  • Deluxe Nurses Bag – with lots of pockets for organization and separation of supplies and instruments.

#1: Modular Nurses Bag

This bag is perfect for customizing as needed with separate but attachable panels of varying pocket configurations.

Modular Nurses Bag by Wheeler Accessories Ltd. - Inside View
The basic bag measures 16.5 X 13.5 and contains 2 large compartment areas that are hinged to open in a V shape rather than opening flat. This prevents contents from falling out.


Modular Nurses Bag by Wheeler's Accessories Ltd.
Externally are 2 expandable pouches for larger items

Modular Nurses Bag by Wheeler's Accessories Ltd. - Back Pocket
and on the back is a flat compartment for charts or paperwork.


This bag is made from medical grade thermo-laminated nylon, which is a waterproof fabric used in air bladders and life jackets.

Raw edge binding tape and nylon thread are both military grade, providing extra durability. The thread is abrasion and heat resistant.

Modular Nurses Bag by Wheeler Accessories Ltd.

Infection Resistance

All materials for this bag design were chosen based on their ability to deter contamination and their ease of cleaning. The bag is also bed bug resistant.

The surface is made from a slick, waterproof material that easily wipes clean. The waterproof zipper is flat protecting the teeth from contamination.

No Velcro or elastic is used due to difficulty in cleaning. The feet are elevated between the bag and ground, preventing contamination on the underside.

The modules can be easily cleaned by removing them, as well as cleaning inside the bag.

Panel Inserts for This Bag

Panel inserts come as add-ons for this bag and allow for additional organization of items in the bag. There are 4 different panel inserts that fit securely in two main compartments of the bag:

Panel Inserts for Modular Nurses Bag by Wheeler Accessories Ltd

Each panel costs $15. You can include as many panels as you need but only 4 can be used with the bag at a time.


Basic Modular Nurses Bag (No Panel Inserts) $118.00
Full Modular Nurses Bag (4 Panel Inserts) $178.00
Single Panel Insert $15

Modular Nurses Bag Video Presentation

#2: Deluxe Nurses Bag

The Deluxe Nurses Bag is 16″ x 13″ x 5″. It comes with padded sides, 4 external pockets and numerous internal pockets and separators. It’s made from an abrasion resistant nylon and has a padded shoulder strap.

Deluxe Nurse Bag by Wheeler Accessories Ltd.

Deluxe Nurses Bag - Back view

This bag is washable, lightweight, very durable and helps keep supplies safe, separated and organized.

For Whom This Nurses Bag is Intended?

This Nurses Bag is used by a variety of Canadian nursing units including the Extra Mural program , VON Canada (Victorian Order of Nurses) and Comcare Nursesas well as numerous nurses in Alberta and British Columbia regions.

Weight & Size

  • Super lightweight: 800g!
  • Dimensions when closed: 16″ x 13″ x 5″.


Pocket for Kendal Container
Special sized pocket on outside to hold the Kendall #8906 or similar sharps containers 

Zippered Bag for a Bottle of Anticeptic
Special zippered pocket on front to hold small bottle of antiseptic, hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes for the purpose of cleaning the bag prior to opening. This gives you the ability to clean the bottom of the bag, your hands etc. before actually opening the bag to it’s contents. Some organizations now have this as part of their standard operating procedures.

Special pocket on outside to hold blood container kit, suture needles, vacutainers etc.

Pocket for Paperwork
Large pocket on one side to hold paperwork, files and documents.

ID holder on outside for easy access to Bag number or owners details

Multiple pockets, separators, compartments on the inside of the bag. made from extremely durable nylon mesh with velcro closures. This gives the ability to keep supplies separated, organized and visible.

Cell phone pocket on outside. Holds any sized cell phone and is made from mesh which does not block sound and the ring is heard clearly.


  • Vinyl coated and double reinforced bottom – makes cleaning of the bottom (which gets soiled the most) easy.
  • Made from highly abrasion resistant Cordura Nylon 1000d (domestically supplied)
  • Webbing handles and all narrow fabrics are made from nylon not polyester or polypropelene.

Other Features

  • Embroidery of Logo’s and text is available on qty. orders;
  • Padded sides to protect content;
  • Fully adjustable and padded shoulder strap with anti-grip rubber under pad to grip shoulder. Strap will not slip off your should very easily;
  • Made In Canada with domestically sourced fabrics at the factory in Fredericton, New Brunswick.


Deluxe Nurses Bag $95.00

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  1. Hello, this is a very good review! Looks like this bag company puts a lot of thought into their products. My aunt is a nurse and we’ve been looking for a nice work related gift for her. I personally like the looks of the Deluxe bag better but it doesn’t look to be as good for infection control? That said – is the whole infection control design a real problem in other bags? Does it really matters that much for nurses, is it a real problem? They still have to clean their bag after each visit don’t they? Also what about the dimensions of those bas – they look kind of big? compared to some other bags (here for instance

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