Top 10 Tactical Map Cases & Bags

Tactical Map Case

Map Cases and Map Bags serve to secure and protect your map from wear and tear, moisture and dirt during your mission (be it a military op, boat tour, bike ride, airsoft game, road trip, hike or else).

Map bags (besides securely holding your map and allowing you to conveniently carry it) help to organize other documents and items that you need during your adventure – pens, markers, flashlights.

#1: CPGear Map Cases and Bags

CPGear Company Logo

CPGear, a military division of Wheeler Accessories Ltd. (family-owned company from Canada), that specializes in manufacturing practical, rugged military gear for soldiers, made to last by using the highest quality materials.

Designed by soldiers for soldiers, their map cases are used in leadership roles varying from Platoon through to Company sized Battalions, Observer/Controllers or course Directing Staff.

Tactical Leaders Admin/Map Case (Letter Size)
Designed around a 20 sheet (40 views) 11″ x 8.5″ Vinyl Map Case, holds 11″ letter sized Paper/Maps.

CPGear Legal Size Map Case





Tactical Leaders Admin/Map Case (Legal Size)
Designed around a 20 sheet 11″ x 14″ Vinyl Map Case, holds 14″ letter sized Paper/Maps.

CPGear Legal Size Tactical Map Case





#2: RAINE Map Cases & Bags

Raine Company Logo

Raine Inc. specializes in manufacturing nylon cases for military and law enforcement. Their selection includes cell phone cases, radio cases, map cases, paramedic pouches, police duty gear, ID holders, equipment belts, holsters, sports bags, tool pouches and knife sheaths for tough field use. The quality of their gear is always exceptional due to a rigid quality control process they have in place. (link to Raine Inc. website was removed due to Hubpages policy)

They have 8 map case designs that can fit different configurations and purposes of your field kit: