Top 10 Tactical Map Cases & Bags

Tactical Map Case

Map Cases and Map Bags serve to secure and protect your map from wear and tear, moisture and dirt during your mission (be it a military op, boat tour, bike ride, airsoft game, road trip, hike or else).

Map bags (besides securely holding your map and allowing you to conveniently carry it) help to organize other documents and items that you need during your adventure – pens, markers, flashlights.

#1: CPGear Map Cases and Bags

CPGear Company Logo

CPGear, a military division of Wheeler Accessories Ltd. (family-owned company from Canada), that specializes in manufacturing practical, rugged military gear for soldiers, made to last by using the highest quality materials.

Designed by soldiers for soldiers, their map cases are used in leadership roles varying from Platoon through to Company sized Battalions, Observer/Controllers or course Directing Staff.

Tactical Leaders Admin/Map Case (Letter Size)
Designed around a 20 sheet (40 views) 11″ x 8.5″ Vinyl Map Case, holds 11″ letter sized Paper/Maps.

CPGear Legal Size Map Case





Tactical Leaders Admin/Map Case (Legal Size)
Designed around a 20 sheet 11″ x 14″ Vinyl Map Case, holds 14″ letter sized Paper/Maps.

CPGear Legal Size Tactical Map Case





#2: RAINE Map Cases & Bags

Raine Company Logo

Raine Inc. specializes in manufacturing nylon cases for military and law enforcement. Their selection includes cell phone cases, radio cases, map cases, paramedic pouches, police duty gear, ID holders, equipment belts, holsters, sports bags, tool pouches and knife sheaths for tough field use. The quality of their gear is always exceptional due to a rigid quality control process they have in place. (link to Raine Inc. website was removed due to Hubpages policy)

They have 8 map case designs that can fit different configurations and purposes of your field kit:


Top 10 Military Map Case Manufacturers

Forest rangers, police officers, and search and rescue workers also use maps to perform their essential job functions. People in one of these professions can choose from a variety of tactical map cases from top-name manufacturers.

  1. CP Gear is a family-owned business that has been operating for more than 25 years. This company is renowned for its Combat Quarterback, a map case that straps on the arm and also holds a pen and paper for taking notes.
  2. Raine offers a wide range of map cases including an individual map case that resembles a wallet and has a hook and loop Velcro closure for security while in the field.
  3. Spec-Ops proudly proclaims that all their products are made in the U.S.A.. This manufacturer offers a mini pocket organizer which can be used to hold small maps, pens, and notebook paper among other things. A miniature flashlight can also be clipped to the organizer for reading maps at night.
  4. Seal Line makes products that are durable and waterproof, so they are ideal for people who spend a great deal of time on the water. Their seal line map case is made from thick vinyl, and also has a d-ring so it can be attached to a backpack or sporting equipment.
  5. BDS Tactical Gear claims to have the most durable gear found in the industry. Their enhanced tactical mission arm band has multiple clear pockets for holding maps and pictures, and contains elastic cords to ensure a perfect fit.
  6. Condor Outdoor services more than 1,000 dealers nationwide with products such as tactical vests, plates, and map cases. Their MA35-009 map case features a removable vinyl sleeve and detachable back straps, making this an extremely versatile map case to carry while on tactical maneuvers.
  7. Maxpedition produces rugged gear that is intended for everyday use by outdoor enthusiasts and military members alike. One of the tactical map cases they offer is a tear-away waterproof map case that has separate pockets for a compass, GPS unit, maps, and pens. Three color choices are available: black, green, or tan.
  8. LazerBrite designs products for the U.S. military as well as outdoor enthusiasts. Their deluxe map case has compartments for tactical lights and extra batteries, making it ideal to use for nighttime map reading.
  9. Fox Outdoor Products specializes in gear for military, law enforcement, and outdoor adventure lovers of all ages. One of the tactical map cases offered by this manufacturer is new generation, which features shoulder straps and a carrying handle for ease of use.
  10. U.S. Calvary offers a GI type map case that is lightweight, yet has plenty of room for maps, paper, and soldier’s manuals. One of these tactical map cases also has room for multiple pens just inside the front flap of the case.

The right tactical map cases can be helpful to anyone who regularly uses these documents to perform their job duties. Fortunately, there are a number of manufacturers that produce these cases, which means there is one to fit every situation. These cases are designed to last for years, and some even have multiple uses, making them an excellent value for the money.

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Some Items that I Usually Carry Every Day

Top 8 Military-Grade/Tactical iPad Cases

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iPads are becoming a popular piece of equipment for military personnel, special ops, policemen, and other such occupations.  With their slim, lightweight design and multiple functions, they are both convenient and extremely useful.

The day when an iPad is standard-issue for the men and women of law enforcement is fast approaching.  These occupations can be rigorous, and the last thing you want is for your iPad to loosely jostle around inside your backpack.  That is why having a military-grade iPad case is so important to the safety of your tablet.  To help you learn what’s available, we have compiled a list of 8 awesome military-grade iPad cases for your perusal.

#1: CPgear Tactical iPad Case

Tactical Ipad Case from CPgear

This case has more pockets than you can imagine.  Not only will it securely hold your iPad thanks to a thick lining of foam throughout the entire case, it was also designed to hold maps, pens, cell phone, small tools, badges, and a number of other items, depending on your needs.  Versatility that’s hard to beat.

#2: Flying Circle Bags Tactical iPad Cover

Versatility and convenience are the primary features of this cover. Want to use your iPad without removing it from the case? Check. Want to do the same with the tablet’s camera? Check. In addition to these features, this cover offers ample padding, plus solid construction that’s built to last.

#3: Tactical Use Only iPad Case

When in use, the iPad fits in an accessible pocket that allows you access to its screen and camera, while preventing damage thanks to a protective cover. Once you’ve finished with it, simply slide the iPad into the padded area and you’re good to go. And don’t forget about the MOLLE-enabled backing, which allows for the attachment to other MOLLE-equipped accessories.

#4: Pelican Hardback Case

Ever wanted to dunk your iPad into a pool of water? Okay, maybe you haven’t. But with a Pelican hardback case, you might be tempted. These cases are nothing short of amazing. Watertight, dust-proof, and crush-proof, they are built to take a licking and keep on ticking. And there’s even enough storage space for a number of accessories.

#5: Hazard 4 Launch Pad – Tactical iPad Sleeve

These look more like an attache case than a place to hold your tablet. Their stylish look will not go unnoticed, even if you choose to have one in camouflage. The back surface is covered with MOLLE (PALS) modular webbing, which will allow you to add a variety of pouches, both big and small, to the surface of the sleeve, or to be attached to a rucksack or other MOLLE-capable system.

#6: Otterbox iPad Case

For those on the go, this case will protect your iPad while allowing its functionality to remain intact. The silicone exterior is perfectly fitted for the iPad, and the interior padding provides additional protection. A built-in screen shield will prevent scratches, and the case allows the iPad to be displayed in both portrait and landscape modes.

#7: M-Tac Tablet Case

While this specific case must be accompanied with a bi-fold tablet cover, the interior thick foam and exterior hard shell more than makes up for it.  The superb stitching ensures that this case will weather the storm no matter what type of operation you might be in for.

#8: S.O. Tech – iPad Carry Pouch

This versatile pouch is perfect for someone who wants simplistic design combined with rugged construction.  Featuring pouches for all of your accessories (including a stylus pen holder) and a reusable cleaning cloth for removing smudges and fingerprints from your screen, this padded case will keep your iPad or tablet safe.

Review of is targeted exclusively at military, special ops, police professionals and tactical enthusiasts who need durable, reliable notebook covers, field book covers, tactical writing instruments and related products for use during their mission.

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